PhysioDNA is making a pledge to workplace wellness – delivering wellness straight to corporate offices! By providing corporate physiotherapy services, teams can strengthen and cultivate their healthy wellness cultures. PhysioDNA comes to your corporate location in Toronto or Oakville, not the other way around, so providing this service is as easy and convenient as possible for busy professionals and businesses. Each corporate visit is tailored to ensure that all corporate members feel safe, secure and get the most out of each corporate physiotherapy session. Investing in corporate wellbeing not only helps build relationships among staff members but positively impacts mental health on an individual level. So, why wait? Call us today and start taking strides towards a better workplace wellness experience. 

Corporate Physiotherapy

At PhysioDNA, corporate Toronto physiotherapy has never been easier. Our team of physiotherapy experts in both Toronto and Oakville specialize in corporate care services, to bring high-quality healthcare directly to your office. From seamless booking to hassle-free billing, we handle the experience from A to Z so you don’t have to worry. As corporate healthcare providers, we curate multi-disciplinary sessions tailored right to your corporate office setting with comfort in mind. With our corporate physiotherapy services, bring convenience and care right into your office—and make health a priority today!

Lunch & Learns Sessions

Corporate Toronto Physiotherapy by PhysioDNA offers a variety of corporate health and wellness topics, delivered by experts in their field. Your team will benefit from posture and ergonomics guidance, burnout or stress management techniques, helpful nutrition knowledge, as well as movement sessions that can be done in the comfort of your office. Our corporate services provide the convenience of an on-site corporate program, with the benefits of top quality ‘in person care’ inherent to in clinic physiotherapy. We guarantee a delightful experience and maximum value for corporate clients. Get in touch to discuss outcomes while working towards your corporate health and wellness goals!

Ergonomic Assessments

To ensure corporate workplaces are a safe and comfortable environment for employees, corporate Toronto physiotherapy experts PhysioDNA offer specialized 1-on-1 ergonomic assessments and coaching based on job roles and needs of the company. PhysioDNA puts a particular emphasis on in person care in comparison to distant online methods, as we believe it allows our team of experience ergonomists to create personalized assessments suited to fit the work environment. Our services allow companies to keep employees productive, reduce potential risks of injury, and improve overall employee morale.

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Seeking corporate physiotherapy solutions catered to the unique needs and structure of your organization or business? Look no further than PhysioDNA, a corporate Toronto & Oakville physiotherapy provider. Our experienced team can help you create bespoke health wellness plans that are tailored specifically to the requirements of your business. Get in touch today with PhysioDNA!

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Our on-site & virtual teams are experts in services such as Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Nutrition, Mental Health and more.  Find out more about the types of services we offer on-site at offices in the GTA.