PhysioDNA Bloor West Village

New to Bloor West, PhysioDNA is extremely excited to be part of the vibrant and charismatic Bloor West Village. With a beautiful retail space located on the north side of Bloor Street. Our space includes all private treatment rooms that are soundproof and designed for a thorough 1on1 approach.


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PhysioDNA is excited to partner with the local community. Please get in touch with our Head of Partnerships: Mario C:

Manual Therapy

Techniques used by our therapists include myofascial techniques, soft and deep tissue work, joint mobilization and 1on1 table-based stretching. Our treatment philosophy is to optimize results in a treatment session by being very hands on and effective.

Exercise & Movement

Our team prioritizes hands on treatment and corrective exercise with a focus on posture and alignment. Our facility allows for our therapists to educate, instruct and demonstrate correct form and technique with access to a functional trainer machine, kettlebells, free weights and more.

Sports Specific Training

Our physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists specialize in treating injuries in sports such as hockey, running, cycling, tennis, squash, golf, soccer and volleyball. Our philosophy for prevention is based on proper preparation and education to better cater your workouts to your sport in order to optimize performance and minimize the risk of injury.

Additional Features

Location Address

2360 Bloor Street W

Phone Number: 416-762-7466