Why Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial release therapy is a hands-on technique that works to relax, lengthen and realign your fascia. Often, adhesions in our fascia and muscles can restrict movement and create painful trigger points (muscle knots) leading to various sources of acute and chronic pain. Myofascial release therapy uses deep tissue work at specific muscle groups that aims to release the surrounding tissues and muscles to increase tissue length and decrease stiffness. The goal is to bring you pain relief, as well as give you back your functional range of motion, improved posture, and can improve performance and strength.


What are the benefits of myofascial release therapy?

Reduced pain and stiffness: By releasing tension in the fascia, myofascial release can alleviate pain and discomfort throughout your body.
Improved mobility and flexibility: Less tension and muscle restrictions will result in an increased range of motion, allowing you to feel looser and more flexible.
Enhanced athletic performance: Improved flexibility and reduced muscle tension can lead to better performance and a quicker recovery after exercise.
Improved posture and body alignment: Addressing fascial restrictions can help improve your posture and overall body mechanics.
Reduced stress and tension: Myofascial release can promote relaxation and a sense of well-being by easing tension throughout your body.

This technique is used to treat multiple injuries (such as jumper’s knee, patellar tracking issues, IT band syndrome, rotator cuff injuries, postural dysfunctions such as upper or lower cross syndrome) and is part of the treatment provided here at PhysioDNA. Tightness and tension in the fascia can contribute to pain, restricted mobility, and decreased performance – therefore this technique is performed by our physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and fascial stretch therapists.

Who can benefit from myofascial release therapy?

  • Individuals suffering from pain and stiffness
  • Athletes seeking to improve performance in their sport
  • Individuals who may not necessarily have pain, but often feel stiff with limited flexibility
  • Those looking to prevent injury from occurring in the first place – by addressing muscle and fascial tension before it becomes a problem

You will be able to feel the benefits of this treatment instantaneously! Schedule an appointment in Bloor West Village, Oakville, or downtown Toronto today to experience the freedom of movement that myofascial release therapy can bring you!

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