One of the primary functions of the human skeleton, musculature and tissues is made with the objective of creating movement. The typical worker spends on average 8-9 hours a day not engaged in movement (this does not even include the amount of time we are sleeping). What are we doing with our bodies during this daytime immobility? The majority of our work day is spent sitting at our desks, on our computers, or texting away on our smartphones.

Are you guilty of holding your shoulder up towards your ears, or inching your head forward to get a closer view of your computer screen?

That is why we have assembled a few key tips for keeping as mobile as possible during the day.

Low back pain and discomfort is highly associated with shortening of the hip flexors and inability to have proper muscle support from the core and glutes! Prolonged periods spent sitting and cycling without a consistent well rounded stretching routine may cause the lumbar spine to be in excessive flexion causing stress on surrounding muscle groups, especially the neck. Let your spine move in multi-directional movements through stretching, promoting good range of motion and a healthy neutral lumbar that will not be put you at risk of injury.

Avoid workplace tension

Tip #1:

Set a Reminder/Alarm: Some people find it helpful to place post-it on their computer screens that remind them to stand up every time they see the post-it. Others actually set an alarm that every 30-45 mins that beeps letting them know they need to take a 30-second break to stand up.

Tip #2:

IStretch! A few simple stretches can be done even in a sitting position. You don’t even need to stop typing or working. While typing you can always stretch your neck to either side increasing circulation, preventing stiffness and decreasing pain and immobility.

Tip #3:

Workplace Ergonomics- Adjust your chair, height of keyboard to a level that does not bring your shoulders up to your ears. You should not be shrugging your shoulders throughout the day while typing or mousing.

In a professional environment we forget the benefits of movement. Too busy, too stressed, too many deadlines…just remember that you only have this one body, the best way to avoid pain is to never get it in the first place. Prevention is key! Get up and move!!