We may not always think about the post surgical management of an area following a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, brazilian butt lift and others.  In several cases once a procedure has been completed there can be very real sensations of tightness, stiffness and adhering of tissues.  This is due to the tethering of underlying tissues following invasive procedures- surgeons have reported that the more aggressive the procedure (ie. the more subcutaneous fat removal) the more that a client may feel some of these unwanted side-effects.

Plastic surgeons collaborate with physiotherapists to improve functional and aesthetic results in post-operative care, particularly by following the healing process of manipulating tissues and scars.  Furthermore the appropriate use of movement and stretching can have have drastic positive impact on the results of such cosmetic procedures resulting in decreased swelling, increased mobility, decreased tension and management of scars and scar tissue.

The Role of the Physiotherapist

  • Decrease swelling:  Specialized massage may be used to flush out excess edema.
  • Manual Therapy: Scar tissue mobilization and myofascial release helps to alleviate or decrease muscle and tissue symptoms.
  • Therapeutic exercises: We employ therapeutic exercises to recover muscle strength lost with the ultimate goal of returning you to pre-surgical strength and function. Exercises focussed on increases flexibility, core strength, corrects muscle imbalances, and improves posture.
  • Fascial stretch therapy: Passive stretching done 1 on 1 by our trained therapists specialised in safely manipulating tissues to prevent stiffness, enhance function
    and relieve uncomfortable symptoms post operatively experienced in the majority of patients post-operatively.

Communication is Key!

At PhysioDNA we take pride in ensuring that we make every effort to communicate with the office of your surgeon to ensure that we have a strong link and continuation of your care. 

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