The causes of lower back pain are as complex as finding the right treatment. Most of the causes of pain, however, is of muscular nature. Below we are explaining 3 of the most likely types of lower back pain you may have.

Disc Pain.

Pain occurs when there is a severe chronic imbalance. An imbalance causes the discs to unnecessarily exerting pressure on nearby nerve origins as well as the spinal cord.Pressure, when excessive, can trigger a back spasm, muscle guarding or can even result in numbness to the area that the nerve supplies sensations.

Disc Decompression.

The 2nd type of pain is whenever discs have aged, it causes disc decompression. Decompression is quite common and affects a large majority od the population. Nerve root compression will most probably occur due to space in between each vertebra reduces as you age. This disorder is also known as degenerative disc disease (DDD). It often affects the L1 to L5-S1 lumbar discs. It is most common for the L5-S1 to wear the most. Even though decompression is diagnosed being a disease, it really is not as scary as you would imagine. It is in fact considered part of the normal process that is aging.

Facet Joint Pain.

Facet pain that is joint when the facet bones of the spine become progressively worn from increased contact and wear.As the lumbar discs degenerate, the weight that the discs usually absorb is transferred to your facet joint. Arching your lower back may worsen this condition and that can trigger a spasm or worse yet a fracture. This type of pain may cause a dull, aching sensation, especially during extended periods of standing.