We all know what we should be doing but sometimes a good reminder is always needed!

So here goes…the QUICK AND DIRTY:

  • Feet are fully supported flat on the floor (or footrest)
  • Knees resting at 90° angle (thighs parallel to floor)
  • Seat depth allows 2-3 fingers between back of knee and end of seat
  • Backrest has lumbar support
  • Chair has height adjustable armrests
  • Seat has cushioning with a rounded front
  • Primary monitor is directly in front of user
  • Top of monitor screen is slightly above eye level
  • Monitor is positioned an arm’s length away from user
  • Work surface is at elbow level
  • Mouse is placed on same level as keyboard, directly in front of user and as close as possible

Check out this video for more details and some visuals

Potential common injuries that can occur due to improper desk posture and ergonomics

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Blog Post Written By Registered Physiotherapist, Priya Maloni