So what is Fascia- and how can I stretch it

As a Physiotherapist I love when my clients come to me asking about different techniques and how it could apply to them. Recently I have been approached alot about the term Fascia… I love when anatomical terms get sexy in the world of fitness & wellness!

No but really… what is Fascia and what role does it have to play in the body? Fascia is a network of connective tissue that runs along the length of the muscles, tendons, bones and joint.

The ‘therapy’ behind stretching the fascia is that sometimes the body can develop restrictions in not only an individual muscle but it these fascial layers- as a result that person may feel pain, restricted movement, stiffness, prolonged soreness, headaches, numbness, tingling and other sensations.

Physiotherapists have been working with Fascia through multiple manual techniques. Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a technique that has emerged from the US. The technique is based on research done in Arizona that has transformed into a technique used by multiple therapists on a wide variety of age groups and activity levels.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

How does FST relate to Physiotherapy?

At PhysioDNA we require that all clients that take part in our Fascial Stretch Therapy™ services receive a full assessment by our Physiotherapist. We do this to ensure that the technique is appropriate for the client. Every client is unique and we ensure that the client receives services that are best indicated for their needs, goals and body.

Is Fascial Stretch Therapy™ appropriate for you?

Consult our Physiotherapists to learn more about Fascial Stretch Therapy™ and if it would be appropriate for you.