Tension Headaches? neck pain? stiffness? radiating numbness, burning and weakness in the arm and fingers? Does any of this resonate or sound vaguely familiar?

If so, you may be the victim of bad posture.  We all at some point in our childhood have memories of some adult telling us to straighten out our back/stop slouching (sound familiar?).  Why is it that now we are adults this issue of ‘bad posture’ has not gone away?

The answer is technology.  With mainstream access and use of computers, smartphones, and tablets, now more than ever are humans/adults nose deep in various devices throughout the day. The majority of people use devices more than any other activity they do in a day. With the use of such devices comes the tendency to lose proper form and posture and dive our noses and shoulders. deep into the screen in front of us.  Our bodies have the ability (strength and mobility) to hold ourselves in a ‘good posture’. for only so long.  After hours, even the best of us fall victim to the classic ‘text neck’ or ‘forward head posture’.

As a Physiotherapist that sees hundreds of clients a month, I find myself sounding like a broken record in repeating some basic go to stretches that are quick and dirty GO-TO throughout the day neck stretches.

Watch this quick video on some of my favs!

If you find that these stretches are very uncomfortable (even painful) or that you are not really feeling a stretch, it may be helpful to connect with a professional specialized in musculoskeletal conditions.  Don’t wait until you are in excruciating pain or so limited in moving your head/neck (ie torticollis, spinal strain or disc bulge).  Prevention is key and it starts with having a healthy posture.


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About the Author

Priya Maloni

Registered Physiotherapist 13+ years