Early interventions is key to correction

Are your kids hunching forward over their smartphones, tablets or iPads? Are you constantly finding yourself telling your children to sit up straight?

As a physiotherapist ‘bad’ posture is becoming a bigger epidemic then ever before. Children younger and younger are developing neck and low back pain. Children are also spending more hours sitting at desks and hunched over their devices.

We see children complaining of not only pain but also stiffness. They may not always complain of it at first and may wait until the pain has already progressed to moderate or severe. The longer we wait to correct the cause of pain the more challenging it can be to correct it.

Children Posture

As a parent it is hard to constantly tell our children what they should be doing, sometimes we don’t really know what we should be telling them to do.

Our Physiotherapists work together with you and your child to develop strategies to improve posture. We work one on one with your child to focus on problematic areas through non-invasive techniques, exercises and modifications of the environment (ergonomic suggestions).

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